Collapse Project (CP) is a German music project founded in 2005. Its mostly inspired by the Dark Wave, Hell Electro and Electronic Body Music genres as well as by Video Games and Sci-Fi / Horror movies.


Collapse Project was the first act of the German music label "Klangdynamik Records" from Augsburg/GER. In 2007 CP released the first album "Your own Way" in a small edition. In 2008 Joe Flammensbeck joined the project for more live support in future.


After Klangdynamik Records closed its doors in 2008, CP started to work on the next album. In Dec 2017 CP released the first indie album "Follow the wave" on


Since 6th March 2018 "Follow the wave" has also been avaliable on IGroove, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Shazam, Napster, Deezer.


The next Album "Crossing Lights" is on the way..!


Follow us for more information on "Crossing Lights" on Twitter, Soundcloud, Facebook and Reverbnation.



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