Happy Release Day Bethesda!

The waiting is over! We also cruisin through the deep neon galaxy with our pimped Razorleaf. We created a Synthwave Remix of the Main Theme Track by INON ZUR. Now on Soundcloud! SPACE IS NEON!



And here we go, slowly deploying our newest track with light4storm globally, one timezone after the other! Full Power, out 08/04!



CP supports streamer on! Check out "St0n3bridg3" 's Channel!!!



We had a little inspiration by a movie. Who's the coolest RIO ? Right! "BOB" is!

And Bob deserves a song!


Check it out on all platforms!



I am dreaming.....cruisin through the universe.... around glowing planets....neon glow...and this sound.... "Sound of the Universe" Now on all Platforms!!



Our new EP "Neon Cruise" has dropped on all streaming platforms. Check it out now!




Here we go! Our new long-play album "Space Explorers" is now available on most streaming

plattforms. 12 tracks filled with catchy melodies and epic soundscapes, waiting for you on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, Soundcloud, Youtube Music, Napster ....


So long... stay neon!




Check your seatbelt. We're going to Hyperspace!



You're always singing while taking a shower? Hey, maybe your vocals fit to our new Track. Write some lyrics and contact us. Maybe we can create a .feat!



Now on all streaming platforms: GAUSS GUNNER EP



We proudly announce the release of our newest long-play „Ride The Gridline“, out now in all stores and streaming services. Ride The Gridline progresses synthwave to a fusion of modern production technologies with retro synths and vibes, the same feel without the dust. Ride The Gridline invokes the screenplay and imagery of old and new movie and tv series favorites: from the heroic Sidewinder to the dystopian and oppressing Abyss, from the thrill of rushing jets in Low Flight to the wonders and tension in L‘Horizon. We may always wonder about the haunting Hawkins where hidden details can be found in every second; and go on a flight with the Navigator. We therefore invite you to experience your favorites through below:



Our tribute to VNV Nation: When is the future?
This cover has come a long way: Germany-Canada-USA



The new video "Grain of sand" is now on Youtube and IGTV!




The album "Crossing Lights" has get an quality update and is back on the stores!




„We proudly announce the re-release of Synthesized, our latest LP containing hits like ‚retro gamer‘, ‚reflections‘ and the ‚unholy‘. MixMaster specialist and producer Alex Stroeer joined our everlasting quest to create bass galore with synth sparkles, to combine the retro with state-of-the-art approaches to mixing. Out now in all stores and streaming services, be ready to be impressed! Alex Stroeer’s influences on frequencies can also be heard on our other two re-releases of just this month, EPs Circuit and Touchdown. Be prepared for that blast to the past to continue without the bust from the dust!“






The Touchdown EP is now available on all streaming platforms! Rdy for some 80s action movie vibes?! Check this out!!



The heavenly mix of "Synthetic Pain"  for Robot's Last Dance is done and avaliable on Soundcloud. Check it out! Last night it was sounding in the club Melodrom / Kaufbeuren / Germany. Sounding great there!



The 2 Track Singel "Touchdown" is avaliable now on Spotify, iGroove, Google... Check em out!




After some realy constructive cooperations with "Robot's last dance" from Canada in the last months, Nate and I have decided to create more music together in the future. Therefor I had joined Robot's last dance.


The new tracks will released in 2020! Stay tuned and check out the website:




The album "Synthesized" with 15 tracks is out now on iGroove, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Napster, Youtube Music.....


Check it out now!




Collapse Project is involved to a new Song called "Current Year" by Robot's last dance


Listen to the .feat track on !




Crossing Lights got two awesome reviews! You can read them here:




TL 80 s



The album "Crossing Lights" with 11 darksynth tracks is avaliable now on Bandcamp,

iGroove, Amazon, iTunes....!!



"Follow The Wave" will be avaliable on IGrooveAmazon, ITunes, Google PLAY

Shazam, Spotify, Napster and Deezer ...... soon!




Check out the first review to the album 

"Follow the wave" by Synths of Eden.




"Follow the wave" now availabale on


Get your free copy until 26.12.2017 !!!




Since Autumn 2017 CP changed the kind of sound from hell electro to synthwave. The new Album "Follow the Wave" is getting there. At the moment we've got 13 tracks ready. You can listen to the new synth sound on Soundcloud or Reverbnation.





Follow us on Soundcloud, Reverbnation or Bandcamp to enjoy more music of CP.








Welcome to the new home of Collapse Project. This site is under constructing. You will get more informations about CP soon.

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